Organize and optimize

with Lightyear Manage

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Manage all vendors and network services
through a single pane of glass

people managing vendors and network services through a single dashboard

Network specifications, contracts, support contacts, and more in a single easy-to-use dashboard.

Your network's command center

Everything organized

View all details on your network - by vendor, by service, by location - with the ability to organize services purchased with or without Lightyear

animated business person pointing to a list sorted by providers

No more blind renewals

We’ll automatically rebid your services once they’re up for renewal unless you specifically ask us not to. Reap the benefits of deflationary bandiwdth pricing without any effort.

animated business person seated, working on his laptop with a service expiration warning and an auto-renew button on his screen

Take action with a click

Request changes to your network - upgrades, downgrades, term extensions, etc. - with a single click in your dashboard. Put your request down in the platform, and we’ll handle the rest on the back end.

internet service dashboard with an upgrade speed button

We work with every carrier / ISP under
the sun (literally hundreds)

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