Wireless solutions for hard to reach places

If you need a dedicated or high-performance internet connection in a remote / hard-to-reach location, oftentimes traditional wired connectivity won’t work.

Lightyear’s vendor portfolio includes best-of-breed wireless (fixed wireless, LTE, 5G) and satellite connectivity vendors to ensure your needs are met no matter the location.


Our vendor portfolio includes every major wireless connectivity technology: Fixed Wireless, LTE, 5G, Satellite, and more

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Vendor coverage across every wireless flavor

No matter where you are, we can help you engineer a solution that can meet your connectivity needs, whether dedicated or best effort. Our vendors support fixed wireless, LTE, 5G, satellite, and hybrid wireless solutions and cover the globe. We add vendors who support new technologies every day, and even help engineer bespoke solutions when needed.

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Project support from site survey to renewal

With wireless solutions, deployment timelines are often tight, while adequate bandwidth at deployment can be a customer concern. Our managed services team has been through thousands of wireless installations and can ensure that site surveys are done accurately and project timelines for installation and service are met without issue. If issues with the solution arise, we can manage resolution on your behalf.

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Constant support for the latest technologies

Whether it be 5G, high frequency millimeter wave wireless, or LEO Satellite, our team is constantly learning and searching for the latest and greatest in connectivity solutions to meet our users’ needs. We will never recommend you buy an out-of-date wireless solution when a better alternative exists.

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