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Ginger Woolridge

Nov 11, 2021


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Lightyear is pleased to announce that the first edition of our newsletter, The Network Engineer Download, will be released on February 26, 2021. The Network Engineer Download, more affectionately known as NED, is a newsletter focused on providing the top networking, IT and telecom industry news and insights to IT experts and novices alike.

Another Newsletter?

visible confusion

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As far as we see it, there are only a few quality newsletters focused on the networking and telecom world today, and few are catered to the network engineer:

  • The daily telecom bulletins present an indigestible pile of hyperlinks without context

  • The in depth newsletters provide too narrow of a scope to help you pull it all together

This can leave the modern network engineer in a state of visible confusion - a state they don’t find themselves in often.

That’s why we started NED.

Who is NED?


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From Huawei, to Spectrum auctions, and dare I even say “6G” (if you don’t know what 6G is, don’t worry - neither does the CTO of Verizon), it can be hard to parse out what is actually relevant to you from the fluff pieces and click bait.

We want to connect you with the news that is need-to-know in your day-to-day. Is one of your latest projects an implementation of shiny new WiFi-6 infrastructure? Cisco’s CEO says that’s likely due to the eventual return-to-office we’ll see in post-pandemic 2021. NED is here to help you prioritize and contextualize the headlines.

What’s the big idea, NED?

Did you know that if you were to source two separate quotes for business connectivity in the same office building, the odds that your quotes are in the same ballpark are slim to none? How about IT implementation fees: how much should an implementation cost, or should it be free?

The telecom and network infrastructure industry truly lacks pricing transparency, giving the providers all of the power. What’s a network engineer to do?

Thankfully, NED is here to provide its readers with insight on pricing trends in the industry. Is $1,000/month for 1Gbps of dedicated internet access is a great quote or a bad deal? NED can answer that question for you and more, thanks to its proprietary database that contains thousands of telecom service quotes from 400+ providers around the world.

All of this to say, NED will provide insight and intel that is telecom agent/provider agnostic, and network engineer awesome. Did we mention NED has a great sense of humor?

I Need NED

Yes you do. Subscribe to NED here.

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