Bill Consolidation

Eliminate the headache of tracking and paying telecom invoices

With purpose-built telecom bill payment software, you'll eliminate outages and fees due to missed payments, gain full visibility into granular telecom service costs, and reduce time spent by your IT / finance teams chasing down payment details.

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Make Telecom Expense Management simple, transparent, and hassle-free



Granular Telecom Service 
Cost Visibility



Outages or Late Fees Due to Missed Payments


80% +

Time Savings on Telecom Bill Payment & Invoice Management

Simple, single consolidated bill

Consolidate all telecom vendor invoices into a single bill that you only have to pay once a month. In that bill, you’ll get granular vendor, service, and location costs in a simple digestible format for your IT and Finance teams.

Eliminate missed payments and service disruptions

Remove the hassle of constant payment fire-drills and business impact from service disconnections. We guarantee on-time payment to vendors ensuring that critical infrastructure is never turned down.

Drive cost savings with real-time auditing

Granular service costs, taxes, and provider fees are captured in platform and checked against contracted and prior month’s costs. Any discrepancies are flagged and raised proactively to your team, with ensuing carrier disputes managed from the platform.

Access rich data & reporting

All telecom costs are available at your fingertips, down to individual vendor, service, and location costs. Reporting tools make it easy to see how costs have changed over time, where you’re spending the most, and what you likely shouldn’t be paying for

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