Our Mission

Fix B2B telecom. Telecom is an antiquated, static industry where vendors often get across-the-board negative reviews from customers and are averse to change. That said, telecom is a highly consequential, multi-$tn space that powers how we interact digitally. Everyone at Lightyear is excited about being one of the few drivers of real, positive, durable change in telecom.

Our team and culture

In order for our mission to be authentic, we need a culture that attracts aspirational people and supports aspirational work.

Lightyear operates a remote-first, distributed working environment that allows our team members to live where they want to live and still do their work successfully. We believe that talent knows no geographic bounds, and we hire as such. We’ve cultivated a high-trust, autonomous work environment that empowers team members to drive their work forward as they see fit. We value team bonding and connections, and prioritize company time to connect both virtually and in-person through team events and retreats. We ensure that team members are able to meet family obligations and prioritize an exciting life outside of work. Most importantly, we’re guided and grounded as a team by our core values, some of which we’ve detailed below.

Lightyear's Core Values

We are egoless

We are egoless

We believe in operating as partners together to drive towards a common goal, with an emphasis on approachability and servant leadership.

The customer comes first

The customer comes first

We focus on listening and understanding our customers' needs to guide our roadmap and priorities, with an openness to receiving feedback and making us better every day.

Everything is written in pencil

Everything is written in pencil

We strive to measure performance, use data-driven decision making, and are constantly iterating because the truth is that we are never done building.

Solutions oriented

Solutions oriented

We face difficult problems and challenges with an optimistic and creative belief that any problem can be solved.

Our Investors

Ridge Ventures
Susa Ventures
Ludlow Ventures

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We're a team of passionate, relentless problem solvers on a mission to fix B2B telecom while having some fun along the way.

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