Shedding light on Dark Fiber

Operating a Dark Fiber-based network is hard, and validating network availability, negotiating quotes, and navigating lease terms can make it harder.

Lightyear’s software makes the process significantly easier, automating everything from RFP creation to lease term negotiation.

Dark Fiber Provider

We work with all major dark fiber providers

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Network design made easy

Utilize Lightyear’s Dark Fiber configuration flow to design a multi-site network in a couple of minutes. Denote A and Z locations, select strand counts, and dictate any vendor needs with a few clicks. We’ll validate potential vendor serviceability on the back-end without you having to lift a finger.

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Negotiate your leases with edge

Dark Fiber negotiations are typically more involved than a Lit Fiber service, and Lightyear is here to help. Besides just getting you solid pricing, we can help you navigate complex lease terms, design a bulk deal if needed, while helping you understand any pitfalls in the T&Cs worth noting. We can compare any pricing received against potential lit alternatives as well.

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Get lit, faster

Dark Fiber implementations often involve delay-prone construction steps that can be pesky to manage. Our Implementation Tracker and Managed Services team will get involved immediately after contract signature to hold vendors accountable to deadlines and compress steps when possible. We’re here to get you lit as fast as possible.

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