MPLS network sourcing, simplified 

While many companies are adopting alternative WAN solutions, there is a contingent of enterprises who require robust, private, fully managed, meshed networking solutions.

Lightyear’s web-based approach to MPLS procurement is systematic, unbiased, and entirely based on your facilities footprint, throughput and traffic queuing needs.

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We work with 300+ MPLS providers spanning the globe

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Systematic approach to sourcing & configuration

MPLS and VPLS services require the same vendor service at all of your locations. Lightyear’s proprietary network discovery and configuration platform allows us to instantly identify the network providers who have the most overlap with your own facilities footprint. This process optimizes for cost, deployment timelines and ultimately your network’s availability. Configure your network in seconds and let us do the rest.

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Data-driven quote optimization

We pull on information from thousands of previous MPLS and VPLS quotes to negotiate on your behalf before pricing is presented to you. No more ISP back-and-forth to get to the “real” price. Pricing delivered to Lightyear users improves every single day as we gather more data.

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MPLS to SD-WAN transition made easy

If you’re contemplating a WAN transition for MPLS to SD-WAN at any point, Lightyear can capture all of your network needs and facilitate such a transition by handling everything from RFP creation, to quoting, to implementation management, and even post-install help. These projects are difficult for even an adept team to handle, so why not benefit from some help.