New Installation Project Management System

Lightyear has built out new features to help you better manage your network infrastructure. New project management systems, procurement views, sub-teams, and notification preferences are sure to improve your platform experience!

Ryan Schrack

Jun 15, 2023


🚀 Meet the New Installation Project Management System

At Lightyear, we’re aware that circuit installations are the bane of any talented network engineer’s existence, so we’ve unveiled a new install project management system to completely streamline your service install experience! In the new system, install milestones are granularly tracked, specific to each service type and relevant construction requirements, to deliver a quick and easy view of each installation.

You can now view progress at a high level across all of your ongoing installations, or through a newly revamped detailed view where you can access more information about any specific install.


👀 Same Details, New Procurement View

With a newly redesigned procurement view, you can access all of the related information for a service request from the request, quotes received, service details, and installation history.

We're making it easier to access all of the related information to your services in one place, at all times. Once a service is installed, your team can continue to access service information. So long to the days of wondering about the history of past requests!


✨ Create Sub-Teams to Isolate Data and Requests

Need to procure services on behalf of someone else, or segregate your company’s services by region? Sub-teams help to isolate requests or users however you see fit.

Get started by navigating to your profile, creating a sub-team, and managing the users via the respective teams profile settings.

📫 Granular User Notification Preferences

We’ve added new notification preferences so that every Lightyear user can easily manage their notifications for procurement, ticketing, installation, and inventory.

With customized alerts, you can add users and manage their alerts based on their unique use of the Lightyear platform. Each user can easily control their notification preferences at a granular level and avoid irrelevant alerts. Update your preferences to in-platform notifications at any time from your profile page.


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