Lightyear Q4’23 Product Update: API is Now Available!

We continue to enhance our Telecom Operating System to optimize how you procure and manage your telecom services. In this product update, we’ll run through Lightyear’s new API, as well as Action Items and Customer-side Installation Acceptance features.

Ryan Schrack

Dec 5, 2023


🚀 Unleash the Power of your Data with the New Lightyear API

Do you struggle to populate your ServiceNow tickets with the correct circuit details to enable your team to solve problems in one location? Have you always wanted your provider contacts next to your network monitoring solution? Lightyear’s new API now exposes your procurement, inventory, and ticketing data to allow for external platform integrations.

Lightyear Team API Keys

We are excited to hear about your unique use cases and creative ideas for leveraging our platform to its fullest! Check out our API docs page or get started right away from your team API settings page.

If you’re interested in customized API scoping or have questions, please reach out to your dedicated Lightyear account representative.

👀 Procurement Task Management is Hard, We’re Making it Easier

We know firsthand that managing all the tasks associated with 50+ ongoing implementations can be overwhelming. Getting an ROE form signed and submitted for the San Antonio office, updating your local contact for the Denver store, filling out additional provider forms - the list goes on and on.

To address these issues, the Lightyear platform now has an Action Item management system. True to our mission, our platform should enable you and your team to perform faster and more efficient installations. By increasing visibility into these tasks, and allowing your team to manage responsibilities, we continue to make strides towards reducing the complexity and improving the experience of an installation!

Lightyear Action Items Example

🍾 Installations Are Not Completed Until You Say So

When a provider completes an installation, they usually provide elevated support for a short period of time. However, it can be easy to lose track of when a service gets installed, leading to delayed recognition of an inactive service and a further delayed response from providers solving the issue.

We’ve introduced an additional implementation tracking step where you tell us if your service is live. If everything is good to go, great! We will close out the procurement process and move your circuit to the inventory manager. If it isn’t, we will work with you and the provider to get to the bottom of the issue until your service is up and running!

Lightyear Acceptance Milestone Example

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