Meet the new Network Inventory Manager

We’re excited to release major updates to Network Inventory - dedicated service and contract views, user-side editing, and a refreshed contract expiration & reshop experience!

Ryan Schrack

Mar 28, 2023


Dedicated Service and Contract Views

Visibility and organization of your service and contract information is now better than ever!

Access full page views of your network information including service details, contacts, tickets, files, logs, and notes. All the important details of your network are now easy to locate and at your fingertips.



User-side Editing of Network Inventory

Making crucial changes to your service or contract details? You no longer have to reach out to Lightyear and wait for changes to take effect.

Your team can directly manage all network inventory in the platform. Better yet, the new Logs feature records a detailed history of all activity on each individual service such as details changes, expiration & auto-renew, and more!

Refreshed Contract Expiration & Reshop Experience

We’ve made managing contract expiration simpler and more flexible than ever! Set your renewal and reshop preferences for services, sit back & relax - the Lightyear platform will take care of the rest. Automated notifications will alert you at each important stage of expiration.



Simple Tracking of Contract Reshops in Procurement

Start making educated renewal decisions and save significant money! Contract reshops are now easy to identify and track directly in the Procurement Dashboard.

Directly compare existing service cost and quality against an exhaustive set of competing options to make the best decision available.

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