Procure UCaaS with confidence

UCaaS is a noisy space with hundreds of providers all touting similar features and functionality. The pandemic further fractured and complicated the landscape with Zoom and Teams utilization exploding overnight.

Lightyear’s unbiased and data-driven approach to UCaaS sourcing will ensure you get to the optimal solution in record time.

UCaaS Solution

Lightyear works with 300+ UCaaS solution providers

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Configure your UCaaS solution in seconds

In about the same time it takes to drink a cup of coffee, our software can collect the most meaningful details about your UCaaS configuration needs based on your current voice setup, WAN, and application stack. Unsure about your UCaaS configuration needs? Our team can help you navigate any complexity with a short phone call.

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Every UCaaS bell and whistle covered

Need highly bespoke integrations with your UCaaS solution? Need Direct Routing from Zoom or Teams? No matter the specific feature need, Lightyear has you covered. We work with hundreds of UCaaS providers spanning every possible feature on the market and will ensure you’re only presented with the most relevant vendors who solve for your use cases and align with your budget. Your team will then make the decision on vendors you may want to meet with your vet directly.

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UCaaS negotiation & implementation

Prior to presenting you with UCaaS pricing, Lightyear will utilize our database of tens of thousands of quotes to ensure you’re only seeing the most competitive possible per-seat pricing out there. We will also ensure that you’re offered an adequate PoC period and that contract terms provide adequate flexibility to meet your needs. Lightyear’s tenured Customer Success team will be by your side to ensure a smooth implementation at every single process stage post-contract.

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