Dedicated Internet Access made easy

Sourcing Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) circuits often takes weeks of ISP back-and-forth, even for a savvy IT buyer, but why should it?

Lightyear’s software allows you to go from configuration to price quote with 1-2 minutes of effort.

Dedicated Internet Access Online

We work with 250+ ISPs spanning the globe

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Comprehensive circuit configuration with ease

Our proprietary network configuration flow allows you to configure your DIA circuit needs across bandwidth, static IPs, managed router, redundancy, and more. Configure multiple dedicated internet circuits at once if you’d like and even save configurations for use in the future.


Data-driven quote optimization

We pull on information from tens of thousands of previous DIA quotes to negotiate on your behalf before pricing is presented to you. No more ISP back-and-forth to get to the “real” price. Pricing delivered to Lightyear users improves every single day.


Implementation & lifecycle management

Lightyear’s capabilities shine brightest post quote selection. Our software will project manage implementations, keeping you up to speed throughout the install process. Post-install, you can flag issues and even automate renewal cycles from your desktop.


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