Video Solutions made easy

There’s more to selecting a video provider than "Zoom vs. Teams".

Whether you need to ensure remote teams stay connected with basic conferencing features, or that your conference rooms are enabled with high definition audio and video capabilities, Lightyear can help you vet every provider out there.

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We work with every leading video conference solution provider

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Configure your video conference solutions online in no time

Lightyear allows you to configure seat counts, application integrations, and hardware requirements all online in seconds. No more finding sites on a map, making phone calls or wasting time talking to numerous vendors to answer the same questions five times.

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Exhaustive portfolio of solutions that cover every video need

Whether you need Zoom, Teams, or an all in one UCaaS solution that integrates video, messaging, and telephony, Lightyear has the experience and dataset to help you avoid pitfalls and get your team connected at the most optimal cost.

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Video Conferencing negotiation & implementation

Questions like "will this work in my VDI environment" and "how competitive your per seat rates are" can be difficult to answer. With Lightyear’s historical database of tens of thousands of vendor quotes, you can buy with confidence. Additionally, Lightyear’s tenured Customer Success team will work with you and the chosen vendor to ensure that all expectations for implementation are met.

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