POTS / Analog Lines made easy

The 2019 FCC order 19-72A1 released big telcos from not only being required to maintain legacy copper infrastructure but also from making it available to users.

The time to put in place an alternative plan for your alarm, elevator, and emergency services lines is now!

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We work with every major telco and POTS aggregator on the market

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POTS migration strategies tailored to you

Our team will work with you to understand your current POTS line inventory, identify which lines can be moved to an IP based solution and what to do with the lines that cannot.

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A short-term POTS strategy

We work with numerous carriers who can help delay and provide protection from POTS line re-rating, which buys you time in evaluating alternative solutions while letting POTS-in-a-box-like solutions mature and new school POTS competition intensify.

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A long-term POTS strategy

If you are ready to sunset your analog services today, there are many different options for next generation, compliant, cellular / IP-based analog gateway solutions. We can leverage our proprietary dataset and portfolio of tens of vendors for analog alternatives to ensure that your transition is made in the smoothest and most cost-effective manner.

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